Dairy Queen sets one sweet world record in Toronto

Dairy Queen sets Guinness World Record in Toronto
Dundas Square is used to seeing lots of white stuff. Tuesday’s scene had nothing to do with snow or pigeons, though. Dairy Queen set a new Guinness Book of World Records mark for the largest ice cream cake ever. Here are some facts about the sweet feat:

  • 22 DQ workers built and iced the cake
  • It weighed 10,130.35 kilograms (about 22,000 pounds)
  • More than 9,000 kilograms of ice cream was used
  • It was made of 91 kilograms of sponge cake
  • On top was 136 kilograms of icing and crushed Oreo cookies
  • The previous Guinness world record — an almost 8,000 kilogram ice cream cake — was set in 2006 in Beijing
  • Dairy Queen built the cake to celebrate its 30th anniversary; it has made 52 million cakes since 1981.

The cake didn’t last long. It was sliced up and passed around to those watching with tongues wagging. Onlookers were asked to make a donation to Sick Kids Hospital.

Denise Hutton, vice-president of marketing at Dairy Queen Canada, told reporters: “It took nearly 100 people over a year to plan for this record attempt, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

[Thanks to Julia for the photo]


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