Letters from you: Hooray for Buffalo

Canoe sculpture at Albright-Knox Art Gallery

The stunning new canoe sculpture by Nancy Rubins, unveiled earlier this month at Albright-Knox Art Gallery. It features 57 canoes. (Julia Pelish photo)

A lot of people love Buffalo — I learned that this week.

And they’re passionate about it — which I discovered last weekend when I was there. The letters and comments have poured in. Most are on the bottom of the article that got everyone fired up enough to express their love for the city, but some came directly to my inbox or to the Toronto Star’s Travel department or on Twitter. Here are a couple of those as well as some of the ones I liked most from the comment feed.

I like to think the outpouring of affection for the city spurred by the article is a testament to the power of the written word. But those words could have just given voice to a sentiment that was long overdue to be expressed. In any case, the piece seems to have served as a conduit for Buffalo to show its civic pride and, hopefully/possibly, for those readers outside the city to think twice before dismissing it as a travel destination.

See everyone in the Queen City on November 11 (if not before)!

“I’m glad someone bothered to look past the stereotypes, cheap malls, hockey and wings and actually see the city. I’m not from there nor do I have any agenda. I just like to see places ­­— especially the ones people mark as dangerous, boring or ugly. I enjoy Buffalo every time I go and wish people would at least try.”
– Sabina

“I was reading your article on Buffalo and wanted to express my interest in it. I currently live in Mississauga and am going to D’youville College in Buffalo in August for graduate school.

I was there a couple of weeks ago looking for a place to live with a lot of hesitation and worry…being a girl. Again, we’ve all heard how bad certain areas of Buffalo are but a landlord who has lived in Buffalo has told me about areas that are gems like you had stated in your article.

It really is a beautiful place but has had some unfortunate stories and reputation as being a bad area. I am hoping to eventually convince my friends that Buffalo isn’t just good for outlet shopping and Walden Galleria. I really hope that Buffalo continues to strive and become more reputable for being a nice town. It has a lot of heritage and potential but is always masked by the bad things.

Thanks for putting out the article and hopefully opening the eyes of others to what a nice town Buffalo can be.”
– Tanya

“It is nice to see people from Canada take an interest in Buffalo. A lot of us a largely supportive of all Canadians and their cities, (except during hockey season of course!) Buffalo is a beautiful city and I am proud to say I am from here. That being said, I would love to live in Canada for a couple years before I settle down here. I think there is a lot to learn from people of other cultures, and that there is a wonderful partnership growing between many Canadian cities and Buffalo. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit! Please tell your friends about your Buffalo experience, as we always continue to talk up Canada to ours.”
– Britany

aroma cafe buffalo

Aroma Cafe on Elmwood Avenue is a bustling spot. (Julia Pelish photo)

“Between Rochester, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Hamilton and Toronto! How many areas of North America have more to see and do in a three-hour stretch than here! Buffalo is my favorite of those places and also my hometown.”
– Mike

“I’m also a fan, especially of Blue Monk (and their beer and fries) and the Albright-Knox gallery.”
– Liesl

“This made me smile. Finally a writer that likes Buffalo … and actually gets us.”

“Great piece on Buffalo – you managed to capture so much of what makes buffalo buffalo – the people.”
– Don

“I am WNY born and raised and currently divide my time between a home in Niagara Falls and my partner’s residence in Leaside, Toronto. Both cities have their advantages and we are fortunate to have such an array of diversions and culture and things to do in such a small geographical area. I am 44 and my perception of this area while growing up was that there was no border between the USA and Canada … those days went away in a plume of smoke on 9/11 but the overall picture of the region is one of a beautiful place to live, to recreate, to entertain, to enjoy all that life has to offer. Friends who visit from out of town are overwhelmed by the beauty and the livability of our bi-national region. They are surprised to learn that the world doesn’t end at the border. I am proud to say that I am from the greatest international region in North America!”
– Paul

Got something to say on Buffalo? Or something else on this site? Shoot me an email. Here is the previous “Letters” article that appeared in spring.


2 Comments to “Letters from you: Hooray for Buffalo”

  1. I am a former Canadian who moved to Buffalo. While I still love the landscape of Canada, and the People. Buffalo is a nice little town. I loved it so much I decided to buy a house in North Tonawanda, and plan on staying here. Sure it has its negative points, but if you look past that, it really is not that bad.

  2. I have visited Buffalo a number of times (my daughter moved there10 years ago) and have never failed to find new places to visit and enjoy that are delightful. Good restaurants, too.

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