NATASHA SUTTON REPORTS: Blue Rodeo, Mike Myers wow at Canada Day in London

Mike Myers in Trafalgar Square

Mike Myers made a surprise appearance in Trafalgar Square on Friday. (Natasha Sutton photo)

[We’ve got Will and Kate over here, so what do we give England in return? Blue Rodeo! Pretty fair deal, no? Plus, there was a surprise appearance from the world’s most insatiable spy — an added treated at the hugely successful Canada Day celebration in London. Here’s Street Party Correspondent Natasha Sutton’s report, with some exclusive pics.]

LONDON — An estimated 60,000 people stopped in their tracks at Trafalgar Square in the mid-heat of London to be part of Canada Day. Yes, London celebrated Canada Day.

Natasha Sutton

Natasha Sutton

And did it rambunctiously too, with such gusto the nearby Tim Horton’s sold out of coffee and doughnuts by late afternoon on Friday.

While that shortage may have disappointed many of the revelers, bars kept spirits up with Canadian beer on tap and the organizers lined up a long roster of bands to keep the Canadians in London — or those who wanted to be Canadian for the day — thrilled with a taste of home.

Headliners Blue Rodeo stole the show as the crowd sang their hearts out to the band’s classics like “Hasn’t Hit Me Yet” and “Lost Together.” The loudest ovation, though, was prompted by the appearance of a surprise guest.

This reporter had refrain herself from saying in my Austin Powers’ accent, “You rock my world baby, yer, baby yer” when Mike Myers showed up. Instead, I got a quick snap of the Torontonian backstage before he swiftly exited to the VIP lounge.

Blue Rodeo in Trafalgar Square for Canada Day 2011

The boys from Blue Rodeo got lost together in London. (Natasha Sutton photo)

“The success of this event illustrates how strongly Canadian culture and the business community are embraced in London. Rainmaker is proud to produce such a high calibre event,” said Chad Molleken, UK Managing Director, Rainmaker Global Business Development.

Other musical acts during the fifth annual Canada Day in London celebrations included Karkwa, the charismatic Alex Cuba, Lennie Gallant, Devon Sproule, the energetic Oh My Darling, the Mahones, Justin Hines, and the sensational Tammy Weis with James Bryan.

All in all, this was a day when attendees arrived with a purpose: To go red and white, show their Canadian spirit and queue to their hearts content (for old times sake) at Tim Horton’s.

[Natasha Sutton is a London-based journalist and photographer. View more of her Canada Day in London photos here.]

Canada Day 2011 in Trafalgar Square

Canada Day 2011 in Trafalgar Square drew an amazing 60,000 people. (Natasha Sutton photo)


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