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August 22, 2011

The Great Dessert Search, Edition No. 2: Grandma Lambe’s Apple Pie

Grandma Lambe's pies

Grandma Lambe's produces more than 100 homemade pies a day. (Copyrighted photo by Julia Pelish Photography)

MEAFORD, ONTARIO — Grace Lambe made her first pie for sale 26 years ago because she had peaches that were going bad. “I didn’t want to waste them,” she says, “so I made the pies and put them out on a stand and they sold. To think, from that came this business.”

Grandma Lambe’s is much more than a dollars-and-cents operation, though. Set on 2,000 acres of family-owned farmland just east of the Meaford business district, the country bakery and market is a community institution, tourist attraction and history lesson in one charming structure in Grey County.

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