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April 14, 2011

What you say: Your letters respond to Canada election coverage, best Canadian songs and the Jays

guitar player test

Free drink if you can name this guitar player from a Canadian band. (Hint: They're making an appearance in Toronto on Saturday night.)

Lots of responses on the upcoming election and the option of not voting— plus the debate continues on the best Canadian songs that reference our country’s geography. Thanks, as always, for reading — and for pitching in with your letters!

Here are some of your responses to recent articles:

Canadian women suffered for the right to vote, Margaret Baily reminds us:

I feel it is my duty as a Canadian citizen to vote in all elections and have missed only one in my whole life, 1984, because I was out of the country and was not sure how to exercise my right. Women died early in the 20th century for the privilege of voting. In many places around the world today people still die, trying to obtain the right to vote. So, disgusted as I am with politics federally, I will vote on May 2.

Harper won the leaders’ debate, says Keith Munro of Belleville:

Who won? Steve Harper easily. He kept his focus while the others got lost. Iggy admitted that he wants to form the next government by saying “try to form a government”. He also got pegged by Layton for not showing up for over half the votes in Parliament. That’s representing your constituents proudly. 

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