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October 13, 2011

Doctor’s $11.5-million lawsuit could be Toronto’s reason to Occupy


Dr. Jerry Green's lawsuit could bring a big and necessary shake up to Ontario's health-care system. (Julia Pelish photo)

You want to be part of the global uprising, Toronto? You want a reason to Occupy? Dr. Jerry Green gave you a voice in court room 802 on Wednesday morning, articulating in eloquent, heart-rendering words why you must fight a system that isn’t working for you, me, him or anyone else in this province. What’s wrong with Canada isn’t so much about what transpires on Bay Street. Our financial system is okay, relative to the rest of the world. Our medical system, on the other hand, is a mess. And there are people responsible for making it so who need to know right now that we won’t take it anymore.

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April 1, 2011

Letters from you: Your favourite Canadian songs, plus opinions on 2011 Canadian Election

Free drink on me if you can name this guitar player.

Free drink on me if you can name this guitar player from a Canadian band.

Thank you for reading — and for contributing! Here are some of your responses to articles about the best Canadian songs that reference the country’s landmarks, as well as a prediction on the 2011 Canadian federal election and some words on the issue of foreign-trained doctors seeking certification in Ontario.

Keep responding with your thoughts and suggestions for coverage.

From James Crandell on the Top 40 Canadian Songs about Canada:

“Hi Adrian:
A great travel Canadian travel song is ‘Canadian Road Trip’ by Kenny Butterill. It is about travelling across the country coast to coast. Butterill is a Canadian songwriter/producer living in Santa Cruz, California who spends about half the year at his Balsam Lake cottage north of Toronto. The ‘Canadian Road Trip’ tune is a JJ Cale/Dire Straits-like shuffle tune that features two Juno award winners — the late great Willie P. Bennett and Ray Bonneville. Butterill’s music is featured on CBC radio — so to listen (for free) to the Canadian Road Trip song. Do a Goggle of ‘Butterill CBC’ which takes you to the CBC radio website. Then click on the green button next to the tune to play it.”

Just listened to the tune. It’s a terrific one! Thanks for pointing it out, James. Here’s the link for everyone.

From Ray Chapeskie up in Eganville, a little town in Renfrew County that I remember from my long-ago days at the Pembroke Observer!

“Although written by an American, I think the classic Blue Canadian Rockies, recorded by countless Canadian and American singers, belongs on this list.”

According to the YouTube page, the song was written by Cindy Walker and first gained recognition when it was recorded by Jim Reeves.

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April 1, 2011

Meet Ontario’s new resident doctors

Dr. Navsheer Gill earned a residency spot

Dr. Navsheer Gill earned a residency spot.

For Sanjay Vashishtha, the journey toward becoming a practicing physician in Canada has been “a process filled with massive doubts.” In recent days, the outlook has become much more clear and optimistic. A family physician for nearly two decades with the Army Medical Corps of India, Vashishtha recently attained residency status in Ontario, along with 219 other internationally trained medical graduates (IMGs). Once he completes his training, he will be eligible for certification as a practicing physician in Ontario.

In a ceremony attended by Minister of Health Deb Matthews and Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Eric Hoskins, the new residents were feted on Wednesday night for their hard work, perseverance and accomplishment. Vashishtha said the rigorous, often deflating journey “took every ounce of energy I had,” as he worked two jobs while also studying for the exams.

When asked when he slept, he smiled and shook his head, and his wife, Sonnicca, answered, “He doesn’t sleep.”

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