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April 14, 2011

Hockey night in Israel

[There will be a lot of hockey news here in the coming weeks as the 2011 NHL playoffs begin. For now, here’s something on the international game. I had the great joy to visit northern Israel late last year and met up with some expat Canadians running the hockey league over there. The story and video ran on February 10, 2011 in the Toronto Star. Thanks again, Gerald!]

METULA, ISRAEL—If you think getting ice time is hard in the GTA, you should consider what Gerald Segal goes through to lace ’em up in Israel. Segal, a former Torontonian, drives 2.5 hours every second Thursday to the Lebanon border, site of the only hockey arena in Israel. That’s five hours of round-trip commuting time, or, as his brother in Toronto reminds him, longer than it takes most recreational players in Ontario to go to a rink, play a game, shower and get home.

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