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April 11, 2011

The Daily J.P. Arencibia to Cooperstown Watch, Days 7-10: Not Going to Disney World

If you’re only now waking up after watching all 14 innings of Saturday’s marathon game, you’re going to discover the Blue Jays’ have fluttered to their first losing streak of the season. A 3-1 loss on Sunday sent the Jays to their second straight defeat, third in four games and teetering on .500. Hardly Beast Mode, but also far from imploding like Rory McIlroy.

The pitching has been stalwart — especially Octavio Dotel, who won Friday night’s game and zipped fastballs to get out of a jam Saturday night. J.P. Arencibia called the reliever’s performance “phenomenal.”

No one would be so enthusiastic about the other facets of the Jays’ game. The offence has gone MIA, scoring just one run in the last 24 innings, and the outfield defence has turned Bad News Bears.

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