Do you love Paris? Share your travel tips

Off to the City of Light in a couple of weeks. I’ll be meeting up with some expat Canadians over there who have kindly agreed to show me around “their Paris.” I look forward to discovering some gems that tourists miss and also some spots where Canadians might go to feel at home. Hopefully, I’ll get out to see Melissa Laveaux, a very talented musician from Ottawa who’s alerted me to an upcoming show of hers just outside of the city. I also look forward to a a tour of Montmartre with young Canadian artist Will Inrig and drinks at the Great Canadian Pub on Election Night, May 2.

If you’ve ever been to Paris and think there are things I should see other than the usual, or if there are particular places you want to read about here or in the Toronto Star’s Travel section, send an email. Any travel tips would be helpful. Any of your own Paris stories would be great, so do share.

I’ve got about seven days and a lot of ground to cover. The Louvre, Musee d’Orsay, Eiffel Tower, Seine River cruise and lots of bistro-hopping are in order, of course. But the goal is to focus on the special places that are unique, the spots that have significant meaning to people and still hold some cache as being off-the-track and undiscovered by the masses.

Thanks for any help!


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